Libraries and archives are magical places and yesterday I found the proof. Library staff and volunteers at Deseronto Public Library (where the Archives is based) were busy converting ordinary rabbit food into Magical Reindeer Food for distribution to the children attending Deseronto’s Santa Claus Parade.

The parade starts at 11.00am on Saturday November 24, so if you are worried about whether Santa’s reindeer will visit your home this Christmas, you know where to come…

Inside this special package is a treat but not for you! It contains magical reindeer food and here is what you do. Sprinkle this magical reindeer food carefully on the ground. And tonight if you are lucky Santa's reindeer will come around. But here's a secret I have to tell, one you must try to keep. That Santa's reindeer only come when you are fast asleep so quickly put your jammies on and get a story read. Then sprinkle this magic treat outside and hurry off to bed!